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Elevation College Tour 2017: Wake Forest University

Posted on December 13, 2017

Written by Elevation Financial Group

In September, a group of Elevation students had the opportunity to go on a three-day college visit. Our students toured Wake Forest University, a private, non-profit university located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During their visit, our students met with the University President, toured the campus, visited the Intercultural Center, shadowed classes and participated in interviews. To finish off our trip our Elevation students hiked at DuPont Forest before stopping in Atlanta to tour Emory University. We asked a few of our students to reflect on this experience and share their takeaways from the trip, along with their plans going into the college admission season.

Elevation Scholars Program College Tour Wake Forest Hike DuPont ForestYou had the chance to shadow classes at Wake Forest. Can you explain this?

"I went to a Biology and a History class. In the History class I got to see the difference between a high school and a college class. It was interesting to see how professors lectured during class compared to the teaching I am used to in high school. I gained a better understanding of how I think I will do in college classes and what adjustments I may need to make to succeed.” - Rebecca Boreland

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

"My favorite part was actually going on the hike at DuPont Forest State Park. I had never been hiking before and it was a fun experience to get to form relationships with other Elevation Scholars while seeing things I had never seen before.” – Samantha Lubin

Can you share with us what your interview process was like?

"It was a good opportunity to develop communication skills and see how an interview at a prestigious college is structured. First we asked questions just to get to know me and then we talked about my accomplishments in high school and hopes for attending Wake.” – Rebecca Boreland

Elevation Scholars Program Wake Forest University College TripWhat experience stuck with you the most during your day at Wake?

"At the end of the tour we met with the director of the Magnolia Scholars Program. I learned that this program aids low-income students and supports them throughout their college careers. Hearing about this program made me feel like I have a place at Wake Forest University.” – Rotchild Dorson

How did attending this college tour influence your college application process?

"Before going on this trip I wasn't even thinking about applying to Wake Forest. But after touring the campus I could see myself going to school there. I saw how many programs and opportunities the school has for me going in as a medical student, and the environment was very welcoming to me.” – Samantha Lubin

The Elevation Scholars trip to Wake Forest was an overall success and we are eagerly anticipating both another trip and the admissions results for each of the scholars.

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