Elevation Design and Revitalization (EDR)

Elevation Design and Revitalization, LLC (“EDR”), a subsidiary of Elevation Financial Group, is responsible for conceptualizing, managing and executing multi-million dollar property renovations.

For ten years, Elevation Design and Revitalization has overseen complex high-rise and garden apartment restorations across the Southeastern United States. With a commitment to implementing strong design and creating elegant spaces, EDR seeks to redefine what affordable housing “looks like” and make properties more conducive to building a healthy sense of community.

Elevation’s signature affordable housing brands, Serenity Towers® for seniors and Serenity Apartments® for working families, combine re-designed clubhouses and common amenities with upgraded apartments, to create fresh, clean and revitalized residential communities. Through a disciplined approach, EDR has developed a broad expertise in building construction, HVAC and cooling/heating systems, roofing, windows, environmental hazards, kitchen and bath upgrades and interior and exterior finishing work.

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