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Elevation Financial Group Raises Largest Fund To Date

Posted on January 24, 2017

Written by Elevation Financial Group

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA (January 24, 2017) – Elevation Financial Group, LLC is pleased to announce the closing of its largest fund to date, Elevation Real Property Fund VI, LLC. Raising over $23 million from 140 accredited investors, Fund VI launched on September 21, 2016 and closed December 31, 2016. This three-month duration represents the shortest fund raise period in Elevation history.

Elevation CEO, Chris King along with members of the Elevation management team launch Fund VI at the Elevation Investors Conference in September.
Elevation CEO, Chris King, along with members of the Elevation management team, launched Fund VI at the Elevation Investors Conference in September.

“The entire Elevation organization is grateful for the successful completion of our sixth private equity fund. We are thrilled to welcome 57 new investors to the Elevation family and are positioned to serve thousands of new residents with safe, clean and affordable housing all across the United States. 2017 brings a new season of growth and opportunity for the company and its investors, and we look with anticipation to all that will be built and achieved in the year ahead,” said Chris King, CEO and President, Elevation Financial Group.

Fund VI provides new capital to continue the growth of strategic investments in distressed or troubled multi-family and senior properties. The Fund positions Elevation to acquire a portfolio of apartment communities and continue to provide affordable housing for families and seniors.

About Elevation Financial Group

Elevation Financial Group, a real estate private equity company, leads an award-winning group of companies whose focus and mission is to acquire, revitalize and operate affordable apartment communities for independent seniors and families. As a private equity company, Elevation raises capital through private placements to accredited investors and maintains a commitment to low or no loads on capital raised. Through a consortium of companies specializing in real estate investment, property management, and property renovation, Elevation aspires to deliver superior financial returns to its shareholders while making a positive and distinctive impact on the communities we serve.

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