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Judy Odom

Office Administrator

Judy Odom

Judy Odom is the Executive Office Administrator for Elevation Financial Group, where she coordinates the day-to-day operations of Elevation's corporate headquarters and serves as a member of the investor relations team.

A skilled executive assistant with over 30 years of experience working within some of Central Florida's most successful organizations, Judy is known for her ability to stay calm under pressure and her ever-present positive attitude. She loves to make others feel welcomed, valued, and supported; a task at which she finds daily success.

Judy's extensive experience interacting with state officials, high-level executives, board members, staff, and the public have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues thanks to her temperament, work ethic, and ability to anticipate the needs of her coworkers and the people we serve.

In her free time, Judy likes to spend time with her family. She enjoys antiquing, boating, and loves anything Christmas.

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