Real Estate Investment

Elevation has sponsored seven private equity real estate syndications that have invested in affordable senior housing high-rises and multifamily garden-style communities. As part of a syndicated fund, Elevation raises private investment equity and combines the capital with low-leverage financing from banks, GSE lenders or charitable foundations. Elevation purchases conventional assets along with assets that often have some connection to government programs such as Section 236, Section 8 or tax credits.

Elevation’s business strategy is to buy assets that are discounted, distressed or partially regulated by government subsidy programs and then differentiate from the market by delivering a better product and service within the industry space. The delivery of clean, safe and affordable housing is the result of disciplined acquisitions, strategic company managed renovations, first-class property management and the assimilation of each new asset into an Elevation brand.

How it Works

Elevation attempts to maintain a competitive advantage by keeping the costs of value creation low. This is accomplished by:


Maintaining a low cost of investment capital (no loads)


Operating through a vertically integrated value chain including acquisition, rehabilitation, property management and disposition


Accessing affordable flexible debt that can be placed on destabilized or partially stabilized assets