Elevation Scholars

As a part of The Elevation Foundation, The Elevation Scholars Program focuses on educational inequality in the United States, primarily in Central Florida. The goal is to prepare high-achieving students from low-income families for acceptance into the nation’s most selective colleges and universities.

Elevation believes that:

  • There are academically high-performing, low-income students in Orange County.
  • They require unique preparation for the level of college opportunity they have earned.
  • This is due, in part, to the daily challenges they must overcome to achieve academic success.
  • Absent change, this educational inequality will reinforce a cycle of neighborhood-based poverty.
It IS within reach to change this reality.

If you would like to learn more about the Elevation Foundation contact Scott Lee at SLee@elevationfinancialgroup.com

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16+ million children growing up in poverty in US; only 9% of those children will receive Bachelor’s Degree by age 25. A student with a bachelor’s degree earns 65% more in their lifetime than a student who only earns a high school diploma.


Launched in 2013, The Elevation Scholars Program now serves hundreds of students at Orange County’s Title 1 high schools through two main efforts:

  • The Elevation Scholars Award – a national level college admissions award provided to three students from challenging economic circumstances who have dreams of attending the nation’s elite colleges and universities and the academic performance to support those dreams.
    • Three winners annually chosen from our three partner schools
    • $36,000 value
    • Admissions assistance and ongoing support starting after their junior year in high school and continuing through their graduation from college
  • Elevation Fellows Program – a mentoring program delivered to high-achieving students in three Orange County schools to prepare them for application and acceptance into elite colleges and universities.
    • Partnership with UCF Burnett Honors College
    • Content and mentoring delivered to 40-60 underclassmen in each of three schools
    • Goal is preparation for college admissions
    • Begins in the students eighth grade year and continues until they have earned college admission

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