Financial Group

Elevation Financial Group leads an award-winning group of companies with a focus and mission to acquire, revitalize and operate apartment communities for independent seniors. Elevation has sponsored seven private equity real estate syndications that have invested in affordable senior housing and multifamily garden-style communities.

Serenity at Springfield

As a private equity company, we raise capital through private placements to accredited investors, and maintain a commitment to low or no loads on capital raised. Through a consortium of companies specializing in real estate investment, property management and property renovation, we aspire to deliver superior financial returns to our shareholders while making a positive and distinctive impact on the communities we serve.

Highly Specialized Niche Expertise

By investing the time and resources to develop a network of owners, brokers and lenders, Elevation Financial Group has gained a substantial competitive advantage in acquiring distressed senior living assets. Our team immerses themselves in the intricacies of converting non-performing senior living assets into age restricted housing. We understand how to optimize opportunities others overlook. Our strategy focuses on asymmetric risk through acquiring assets well below the market average basis.

Integrated Fund and Operator

Elevation Financial Group and its affiliate companies provide both fund management and real estate operating services. Our integrated companies share objectives, intent and often, personnel. The resulting synergy reduces costs and enhances operations and profitability. Areas such as investor communications and reporting, capital allocation, acquisitions and dispositions, asset management, property management, finance and accounting services function without overlap or replication of effort or personnel. We circumvent the double-promote profit sharing structure, disbursing profits only between the fund sponsor and the investor community.

Acquisition Fund and Operator

We rely on sound, proven fundamental real estate investing techniques to improve the value of each investment, including employing first-class property management; providing low-cost, high-quality renovations; raising revenues; lowering expenses; identifying new profit centers and enhancing returns. We know the properties we buy and the markets we serve. Our management decisions reflect our insights and hands-on familiarity with our marketplace. Through the heated real estate market of the current cycle, we’ve maintained discipline and continued to acquire assets at prices comparable to previous funds.

Saving Money and Making Money for Investors by How We Raise Capital

Elevation raises capital from private investors without the assistance of fundraisers, broker-dealers, investment bankers or a formal capital-raising team. The Fund Manager, its principals and its affiliates, receive no direct or indirect compensation for participating in raising capital. Competing firms often can pay 5-13% of total funds collected in commissions and capital raising fees. Elevation Real Property Fund VIII, LLC and its Manager, Elevation Financial Group, LLC, will not charge any commissions or capital raising fees based on the Manager’s role in raising capital.

Making an Impact

It’s commonly believed that for investors to have positive social impact through their investment choices, they must be willing to accept concessionary returns. From the beginning, our company was founded on the belief that a missional firm could have above-market returns, in part because of the commitment to mission. Over the past 15 years of operations, we’ve seen this to be true in many cases. Some of our most valuable employees list impact as one of the reasons they wanted to work with us. Buyers have communicated that the price they’re willing to offer reflects the value they place on our distinctive operational values. Sellers have sought us out because of a concern for their tenants. Our main source of the bridge debt that is a huge competitive advantage is very committed to the social impact possible on our properties. Elevation is a family of investors, staff and principals who have come together to build a vehicle that will provide both social impact and above-market returns.

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