Elevation Commercial Development (ECD)

Elevation Commercial Development, LLC (“ECD”), a subsidiary of Elevation Financial Group, is responsible for all redevelopment activities along with any future new development within Elevation’s senior communities acquired within the company’s private equity fund model.

ECD works closely with the Elevation investments team during the underwriting and due diligence process to develop a comprehensive plan, budget and deliberate approach. With years of experience in the development and construction sector, the entire ECD team strives to deliver quality independent senior communities across the country for Elevation residents that can also produce exceptional returns to investors.

In addition, ECD seeks unique income producing acquisition or development opportunities in various commercial real estate segments focusing in Florida, Elevation’s home state.

ECD has successfully redeveloped some of Elevation’s largest projects including Serenity Manor at Indianapolis, a 496-unit senior community in Indiana and Serenity Apartments at Brewster, a Cape Cod property which was converted from a former assisted living facility to an elegant and affordable independent senior living community.

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