Elevation Real Property Fund VIII - The Atlas Fund is now open for subscription. The Atlas Fund will continue our focus on affordable housing for independent seniors aged 55 and up.
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Investing with Purpose

Elevation Financial Group is a private equity real estate investment company. We’re committed to providing safe, clean, and affordable housing to residents, delivering superior financial returns to investors, and making a positive impact on the communities we serve.


We aim to do more than just make a superior return for our investors. We believe in the double bottom line—the idea that our work can deliver financial performance and make a meaningful impact in the communities we serve at the same time. Every day, we strive to elevate people, properties, and communities by living out our four core values: kindness, service, leadership, and discipline.

Serenity at Brewster


Hillcrest Hampton House

For over 15 years, our work has saved and revitalized thousands of apartment homes, taking underserved, mistreated properties and turning them into beautiful, thriving communities where residents are proud to live.


Elevation's latest fund offering is now open for subscription! Elevation Real Property Fund VIII - The Atlas Fund will continue Elevation's focus on affordable housing while prioritizing age-restricted senior assets, a strategy successfully employed in multiple previous funds. Elevation's 15 plus years of experience acquiring, renovating, managing and profitably repositioning affordable communities will be fully utilized as we continue our journey of creating competitive investor returns while providing safe, clean, and affordable housing options to the residents and communities we serve.

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Elevation Fund VIII


With a dream to convert substandard housing into quality homes, Elevation aspires to elevate lives, properties, communities and investor returns.

Serenity Apartments at Brewster

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Serenity Manor at Springfield

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Serenity Towers on the St. Johns

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The Elevation at Autumn Ridge

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Serenity at Dallas

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