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Alexander Mertens

Vice President, Investments and Finance

Alexander Mertens

Alexander Mertens is the Vice President of Investments and Finance with Elevation Financial Group, where he oversees all fund acquisition and disposition efforts, capital stack initiatives, and the development and implementation of fund reporting and management programs. As the leader of Elevation’s investments and finance team, Alex optimizes fund performance through robust asset management and fund modeling initiatives.

Prior to his current role, Alex served as the Director of Finance with Elevation Financial Group, where his primary focus was fund analysis, modeling, and reporting for Elevation’s executive team. Before serving as the Director of Finance, Alex worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for Elevation Financial Group, serving as the lead underwriter for new acquisition opportunities.

Prior to joining Elevation, Alex served in several key roles with two major statewide campaigns, including financial oversight, logistics, coordination, and compliance. As financial operations manager for the Chris King for Florida Campaign, Alex was responsible for overseeing campaign transactions, drafting internal and external accounting & compliance reports, and providing strategic insight for short- and long-term financial planning.

As an undergraduate student, Alex was Elevation’s first intern, where he assisted with investor relations and content development for the Elevation Scholars, a best-in-class initiative to provide high potential, high-need students with access, guidance, and support into and through the nation’s top colleges and universities.

Alex earned his bachelor’s degree from the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida in 2018 with a dual major in Finance and Economics. Originally from Wisconsin, Alex relocated to Florida as a teenager but retains his allegiance to the Green Bay Packers. He lives in Baldwin Park with his wife Melissa and their two Puerto Rican rescue dogs.

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