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Cecilia Lockett

Regional Property Manager

Cecilia Lockett

Cecilia Lockett is a Regional Property Manager with Elevation Property Management, overseeing the renovation, stabilization, and growth of multifamily and senior communities across Elevation’s portfolio.

Prior to joining Elevation, Cecilia held several positions throughout the Central Florida area with Bell Partners and McKinley Property Management.

In her time with Elevation, Cecilia has developed a reputation for excellence in the management and improvement of the communities under her leadership, shepherding them from underperformance to sustainability. Cecilia considers her greatest professional success to be the positive impact she has on the residents of Elevation properties and providing mentorship to her fellow team members.

Cecilia holds an associate degree in hospitality and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.
She is a Florida native and an active member of her church. In her spare time, Cecilia is an avid baker and loves to travel.

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