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Denise Cipriano Moriarty

Manager, Investor Relations

Denise Cipriano Moriarty

Denise Cipriano Moriarty is Manager of Investor Relations at Elevation Financial Group, where she serves as an integral member of the investor relations team. With over 30 years of management experience, Denise builds and develops relationships with current and potential investors, raises capital, coordinates fund distributions, and serves as a primary liaison between investors and Elevation Financial Group. In over a decade with the company, her previous roles with Elevation have included managing HR and property acquisitions.

Before joining Elevation, Denise served as Manager of Business Operations for General Dynamics – OTS in Orlando, where she was responsible for the human resources, finance, and accounting departments. In this role, Denise negotiated and managed multimillion dollar government contracts, managed a commercial real estate portfolio, and implemented rigorous and highly successful accounting and talent recruitment programs.

In addition to her role with Elevation Financial Group, Denise began her work with the Elevation Scholars, Inc. in 2015. In her role as Operations Manager for the non-profit Elevation Scholars, she is responsible for human resources, where she successfully recruited all the current staff and serves as the college success coach for the first four classes of Scholars.

Denise is a proud central Floridian and serves on the board of directors of multiple Orlando-area charities, including the Social Enterprise Fund, The Glenda G. Morgan Charitable Foundation and The Florida Fellowship Foundation. She attended the University of Central Florida. She lives with her husband, David, and son, Skyler, in Winter Springs.

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