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Heather Hill

Accountant | Elevation Commercial Development

Heather Hill

Heather Hill is the Construction Development Accountant for Elevation Financial Group. In her role, she brings her extensive experience in construction project accounting management to Elevation’s development for each new acquisition.  

Prior to joining Elevation, Heather built her career serving the needs of clients at home and abroad, including accounting for construction projects in Hawaii, California, Texas, New York, and New Zealand.

She began her education in California, attending Glendale Community College where she was the youngest student in her class.  After moving to Hawaii, she attended college on the Island of Kauai at the University of Hawaii and finally Hawaii Pacific University. 

Heather joined Elevation with the commitment to our mission of helping to preserve and expand the stock of affordable housing, especially for the senior community.

Not quite finished with her education, she also studies permaculture, and has attained her certification. She now pursues her hobby of growing chemical free food and helping to educate people in sustainable living and the preservation of our planet.

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