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Kristen Dudley

Property Accounting Manager

Kristen Dudley

Kristen Dudley is the property accountant manager with Elevation, managing the financial health of properties across a multi-state portfolio.   In her role, Kristen oversees cash management, financial reporting, and accounts payable for a variety of properties under Elevation’s management.  She also assists during with transaction closings for property acquisitions and dispositions.  In her time with Elevation, Kristen has overseen the financial stabilization of several properties, helping to deliver value to investors and stability to residents and staff.

Kristen’s professional career spans over 30 years of real estate and construction accounting experience, including experience with a public accounting firm and local construction and manufacturing businesses before joining Elevation Financial Group.

Kristen is a semi-native of Florida who has lived in the state since she was 10 years old. She cares for her mom and is an animal lover, particularly cats. Her hobbies include boating, camping, going to the beach, and anything outdoors. Kristen loves music and attends live concerts as often as she can.

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